LTSE Tools

We created these software tools for our fellow entrepreneurs, we hope you find them useful.
Visit our tools blog to read about our software and how to use it at your startup. is a free, fully-featured cap table management tool that enables step-by-step cap table creation, easy collaboration & sharing, convertible note & option calculators, and powerful round & exit modeling.

The process blends the best of software and human expertise. Each 409A valuation takes an hour or less of your time to submit, is delivered in days not weeks, and is customized to the nuances of your individual startup.

Most startups die from running out of cash. is an easy, visual way to plan and manage your startup's most precious resource.

We also make simple standalone scenario modeling tools. is a calculator for exploring the impact of convertible notes and SAFEs on founder ownership. is a tool for helping employees understand the potential value of their stock options.


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